"Do buy things that you want to keep, not the things you’ll throw right away."


We call the earth “mother” but we don’t treat her like one. Bags, bottle, straws, and cups – about half of the plastic used every day is used only once and then thrown away.

This reckless action is causing enormous damage to our environment, that impact directly on human’s living quality. We need to stop, or at least reduce the plastic amount used each day.

Vietway’s mission and vision are to change the way people choose, buy and discard things. By bringing fine-quality, reusable and more nature-friendly products from Vietnam to the international community, Vietway wants to help the world get rid of plastic. In the future, we will continue to provide more sustainable products that make our life “greener”.

All Vietway products are environmentally friendly, safe for users, which are certified by many quality insurance organizations in the world.

Start your journey of changing yourself with Vietway!